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Are you leading to or from God?

I believe the lack of respect from certain people whom man has labeled as leaders will be judged harshly by God himself!  Is it not true the first will be last and the last first?  It is a sad shame that the behaviors, attitudes, and blatant out right disrespect of some leaders is causing others to fall.  It is not about us, but about Him!  The earthly title you carry does not impress man or God it is your life that pleases Him.  Please don’t be deceived by your earthly rewards and let this be the only heaven you see.  I ask each leader…  Are you treating others in a way that pleases God?  Do you speak to others in a way that will please Him?  Are you the Elder, Minister, Pastor that are sending others to Hell because of the example you set?  Remember God values each of us, be careful you are not judging the outer person.  God knows the heart and the way that you interact with them will affect your eternal life!  Let’s take a moment and evaluate ourselves.  Truly it is worth praying over.  Let’s get it right!  Only the righteous will enter heaven. 

It is God’s will that we prosper….

It is God’s desire that we prosper!  III John 1:2 reminds us it is indeed the will of God that we prosper even as our soul prospers!  Jeremiah29:11 again tell us HE has plans to prosper us.  Let’s line up with the Word, friends!  We are to be prosperous… are you prosperous in every area of your life?  Living in abundance and overflow?  If not join me on the journey to becoming all that which God has planned for us to be, fulfilling our destiny in Him.

The principle of debt deliverance is simply the principle of sewing and reaping! Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap! (Galatians 6:7)  Keep in mind that God is not man… He is perfect (Samuel 22:31).  Face it, where we are now in our finances is a result of the choices we have made.  So, first let’s start a new thing, a new train of thought which will lead to actions … we must boldly make a mental paradigm shift to forget those things that are behind and reach toward those things that are before us (Philippians 3:13).

Today let’s make the decision to divorce ourselves from the worlds system, and begin to utilize God’s method of sowing and reaping.  Sow a seed, reap a harvest… no, it is not rocket science, but it does required discipline.  Old habits die hard, but remember we can indeed do all things through Christ who strengthens us according to Philippians 4:13!  We are obligated to prosper and increase in all that we do.  This is the definition of good stewardship!  Let us be good stewards of the harvest to come and get out of debt!

Journey to Becoming Debt Free!

I have been studying debt.  As Christians we are to be debt free.  We are to live life abundantly according to the Word of God!  Why is it so many of us lack?  I was lead to study this and learn what thus sayth the Lord.  I throughout this week I will share what I have learned with you.

We have the power of life and death in our tongue (Proverbs 18:21).  I am sure you have heard this many times, what does it mean?  Well, let’s dig a little deeper.   Many times we spend our days complaining.  I have determined with the help of God I will not complain!  It is not uncommon to hear a Christian say, “I’ll never get out of debt.”  With that perspective you probably won’t.  I declare today, I am prosperous in every area of my life!  I am debt free!  The bible teaches that it is God’s will that we prosper even as our soul prospers!  Confess and declare with me on today freedom from debt!  How are we to be that example we are called to be if we are borrowing instead of lending?  Are we not the head according to scripture?  Let’s act like it.  It is time to wake up and tackle this demon of debt head on; knowing victory is ours and our strength cometh from God.  Hallelujah!!

Who Does God Say We Are?

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Often times we let ourselves be dispirited because of what others say about us.  We think about it over and over and meditate on it.  Today I want to encourage you to see yourself not as man sees you but as God himself see’s you.  Let’s search the scriptures, and find out who we are!

  • We are fearfully and wonderfully made !  Psalm 139:14
  • We are the apple of his eye!   Deuteronomy 7:6
  • We are his treasured possession!   Philippians4:8
  • We are a child of God!   John 1:12
  • We are made in the image of God!   Genesis 1:27
  • We are a friend of Jesus!   John 15:15
  • We are fellow heirs with Jesus!   Romans 8:17
  • Our body is the temple of the Holy SpiritI Corinthians 6:17
  • We are the righteousness of God in Christ!   II Corinthians 5:21
  • We are holy and blameless before God!   Ephesians 1:4
  • We are redeemed and forgiven by the grace of Christ! Ephesians 1:7
  • We are God’s workmanship created to produce good work!   Ephesians 2:10

Let us hold our head high and be proud of who and who’s we are!

Words from God …


To God be all the Glory.  I truly am glad to be back!  I have heard from my heavenly Father, telling me to stop fighting battles that are not mine.  He is victorious, and has already won every battle for me already.  I just need to relax and enjoy the victory!  I am his daughter, a child of the King of Kings.  I had forgotten I am his princess!  Thank you God for the reminder!  Indeed He is truly magnificent.

During my sabbatical, I was also reminded praise is not an option it is necessary!  Praise is vital to our life as a Christian.  We must stop being so conservative, we must not be ashamed of Christ, his Word has warned that if are ashamed of Him before man, He will be ashamed of us before His Father (Luke 9:26).

I was also reminded that the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart must be acceptable in the sight of the Lord.(Psalm 19:14).  I have heard this scripture since my youth, however I am actually being taught to be more aware of my words and even my thoughts.  They are to speak life not death.  The power of both life and death are in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).  Many times we are careless with our words.  This must stop!  I look forward to growing in Christ, seeking to satisfy my hunger for Him.  Lord make me more like you!


Though for today …. “It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end!” – Ursula K. Le Guin Prayer my friends, prayer is the KEY! Pray continuously, without ceasing. Remember we are the righteous! The Bible tells us that the prayers of the righteous availeth much! So why not pray? Our Father is ready to give us more than we can even imagine, but we must ask. Even when we do not know what to say He has given us the Holy Spirit to intercede. Pray for words of wisdom and encouragement; a lasting legacy of success. Do not confuse social and economic status with success!


John 15:7 Romans 8:26 Psalms 91: 15 1 Thess. 5:17 Matthew 7:11 Psalms 62:5 James 5:16

Because of You

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Until I met you, I never swam in the river of true love.

A love that drifts over my every rocklike flaw and yet still resides in my stream.

You illustrate the constant flowing of unconditional love.

Thank you Father for flooding me with your love!


Until I met you I never knew joy.

An great joy that enlightens my gloomy days,

You are the reason for my never- ending joy.

Thank you Jehovah for giving me an everlasting meadow of joy!


Until I met you, I never knew peace.

A peace that gently soothes my troubles away,

You saturate me with peace further than my mind can perceive.

Thank you Lord, for showing me how to indulge in the pastures of peacefulness!


Having met you, my life is now complete!

More whole than I thought I could ever be.

I gratefully bask in our intimate relations bound by:



and Peace!


Old Barney and the North Star

Dear beautiful child that some said just could not be,

do you know that you were divinely promised to me?

From the crown of your jet black curly locks,

To the soles of your tiny feet covered with socks.

Your spirit, your heart, your might,

has come through my shadows and into the light.

Your smile, your eyes, your charm Issaiah,

I promise to keep you from all harm.

Black, dark, chocolate, afro child of mine,

How bright your wisdom, strength and courage does shine.

You are a child of infinite potential and promise for all to see,

Walk tall into that which you are divinely called to be!