Because of You

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Until I met you, I never swam in the river of true love.

A love that drifts over my every rocklike flaw and yet still resides in my stream.

You illustrate the constant flowing of unconditional love.

Thank you Father for flooding me with your love!


Until I met you I never knew joy.

An great joy that enlightens my gloomy days,

You are the reason for my never- ending joy.

Thank you Jehovah for giving me an everlasting meadow of joy!


Until I met you, I never knew peace.

A peace that gently soothes my troubles away,

You saturate me with peace further than my mind can perceive.

Thank you Lord, for showing me how to indulge in the pastures of peacefulness!


Having met you, my life is now complete!

More whole than I thought I could ever be.

I gratefully bask in our intimate relations bound by:



and Peace!


Old Barney and the North Star

Dear beautiful child that some said just could not be,

do you know that you were divinely promised to me?

From the crown of your jet black curly locks,

To the soles of your tiny feet covered with socks.

Your spirit, your heart, your might,

has come through my shadows and into the light.

Your smile, your eyes, your charm Issaiah,

I promise to keep you from all harm.

Black, dark, chocolate, afro child of mine,

How bright your wisdom, strength and courage does shine.

You are a child of infinite potential and promise for all to see,

Walk tall into that which you are divinely called to be!