Are you leading to or from God?

I believe the lack of respect from certain people whom man has labeled as leaders will be judged harshly by God himself!  Is it not true the first will be last and the last first?  It is a sad shame that the behaviors, attitudes, and blatant out right disrespect of some leaders is causing others to fall.  It is not about us, but about Him!  The earthly title you carry does not impress man or God it is your life that pleases Him.  Please don’t be deceived by your earthly rewards and let this be the only heaven you see.  I ask each leader…  Are you treating others in a way that pleases God?  Do you speak to others in a way that will please Him?  Are you the Elder, Minister, Pastor that are sending others to Hell because of the example you set?  Remember God values each of us, be careful you are not judging the outer person.  God knows the heart and the way that you interact with them will affect your eternal life!  Let’s take a moment and evaluate ourselves.  Truly it is worth praying over.  Let’s get it right!  Only the righteous will enter heaven.