Journey to Becoming Debt Free!

I have been studying debt.  As Christians we are to be debt free.  We are to live life abundantly according to the Word of God!  Why is it so many of us lack?  I was lead to study this and learn what thus sayth the Lord.  I throughout this week I will share what I have learned with you.

We have the power of life and death in our tongue (Proverbs 18:21).  I am sure you have heard this many times, what does it mean?  Well, let’s dig a little deeper.   Many times we spend our days complaining.  I have determined with the help of God I will not complain!  It is not uncommon to hear a Christian say, “I’ll never get out of debt.”  With that perspective you probably won’t.  I declare today, I am prosperous in every area of my life!  I am debt free!  The bible teaches that it is God’s will that we prosper even as our soul prospers!  Confess and declare with me on today freedom from debt!  How are we to be that example we are called to be if we are borrowing instead of lending?  Are we not the head according to scripture?  Let’s act like it.  It is time to wake up and tackle this demon of debt head on; knowing victory is ours and our strength cometh from God.  Hallelujah!!

Are you in need of a life change?

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Do you ever find yourself running out of time and/or resources?  Not able to do this or that?  Well, of course you can’t do it all!  Not alone that is, remember it is through Christ that you can do ALL things!  Stop trying to accomplish and conquer things on your own.  Stop worrying about and getting frustrated over situations you cannot control.  Learn to lean and depend on Christ, he will never let you down and can do what is impossible for you and me to do, without hesitation.  Hallelujah!  So rebuke those feelings of inadequacy.  Our Father in heaven has given us freedom and liberty.   Let’s live the abundant life that God has planned for us!  Do not be held captive to your desiresany longer,  free yourself!  Surrender to Christ.  He knows just how to handle it.  So let Him!